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What's Included

Custom Graphics – Graphics are made custom to match the vibe of your business. Product mock-ups are also made if needed to give your website the best look for your brand. 
SEO – Search Engine Optimization helps your website gain traffic from web searches for a certain keyword, product. 
Proofing – The gift of proof-reading and adjusting your written sections. We have all seen many websites that contain minor typos or run-on sentences.  With us, your website will not be one of them!
Coverage – Our websites come with 1 to 5 custom pages. This amount is given to help capture all your business has to offer while giving you that perfect layout. If you are in need  of more than the provided pages, there is an additional fee. 


A 1-on-1 consultation is required via email or phone call.
This will give us a better understanding on what it is you are looking for in regards to your website. Stress free. 

*Wix does require a monthly or yearly fee (the frequency of payment is your choice) to keep your website active.*
The client is responsible for handling setup and payment.
This includes: purchasing your plan, your domain, etc. You will need to setup all of this information before transferral.
*The fee you owe to wix is not included in my personal pricing.*

Allow me 4-5 weeks to complete your website in its entirety.

*Expedited services are an additional fee of $250 to your total cost*

• Please have all pictures, product, and information ready when contacting me. This will help me work faster, without the wait time of receiving your products. This includes: pictures (professional photos recommended), details about you/your company for your about section, pricing for product, name of product, and whatever else you'd like to have displayed on your site. *any sections on your website in need of text, please be sure to TYPE it up, no hand written info*

• There is a limitation on products added when doing a client's custom web design. There is a 10 product limitation per product collection. The rest of your product add-ons will be left solely up to you. If this is a task you prefer for me to do, There is a $3 fee for every additional product/product image add-on. 

I ONLY WORK WITH WIX.COM. If you currently have a website with another hosting site, it is mandatory for you to switch your hosting site to NO EXCEPTIONS! This is not a task that I can/will complete for you.

All sales are final. 100% non refundable.